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Intro Vernazza

The house

La Toracca
La Toracca
Restorated with the maximum respect for the original structure, the apartment has two floors, connected with an internal staircase.

At the lower floor a small lobby, a spacious bedroom with two panoramic windows and the bathroom; at the top floor, a little but fully-equipped kitchen, a living room with a sofa (twin single beds) and a very panoramic sea view terrace where one can dine or sunbathe while enjoing the view of the harbour of Vernazza and the coast up to Monterosso.

The view from the terrace

And now some pictures of the apartment; the first two are of the bedroom, while the other three have been taken in the living room. Click on the image to open a new window with the desired photo.

La Toracca La Toracca La Toracca La Toracca La Toracca
La Toracca

The situation

How to reach La Toracca
La Toracca, as mentioned, is settled in a high place near the castle of Vernazza (see 4 on the map).

You can walk the distance from the sea (3) or from the center of the village (2) in 2/3 minutes downwards, while upwards it takes 4/5 minutes. the (little) fatigue is more than compensated by the quietness and the amazing view you enjoy from the terrace.

For the Vernazza train station (see 1 on the map), main entrance of a village that has almost banned cars, you have to walk a few steps more.

To help visualising the situation, here there is a couple of photographs that will be surely useful.

Vernazza from the West
The first one is a classic view of Vernazza from the West, taken in the path to Monterosso.
With the help of the zoom, the high place and the centrality is obvious.
In the close-up are clearly visible the terrace and, below, the two windows of the bedroom.

Vernazza from East
Also the second one is a classic picture of Vernazza; this time the view point is from the East, from the path to Corniglia.
In the close-up is easiliy recognizable the the short side of the terrace, partly in the shade.